Sandra Senter

sandra_senter-2Sandra Senter – Breakfast Attendant 

Hampton Inn Morehead City

Nominated by Laura Phillips (GM)

Sandra is an all around great ambassador for our property. I get at a minimum 0f 5 compliments a week from our guests regarding Sandra. The guests love Sandy, she is caring and genuine with them. Everyday she ensures that the guests are happy and satisfied. If a guest has a special request and we can do it Sandy is right their doing what she can to ensure that the guest is happy. If a guest has a food allergy or can not eat what is out on the buffet Sandy will make something for the guest if we have it available. She is an amazing team player, trainer and 100% dedicated to her job. Sandra is a go getter and has taken charge in the breakfast area. Sandra has brought fresh ideas to the GM and other team members that are beneficial to the property. Sandra has done all of this while going through a life changing situation at home with her severely handicapped son at home. She gets along well with all staff. Sandra was a unanimous choice for the employee of the quarter award.