Ricky Rayome

image1Ricky RayomeGuest Service Representative

Fairfield Inn Louisville

Nominated by Josh Matthews (GM)

For the Fairfield Inn & Suites Louisville East I would like nominate Ricky Rayome as our Value Champion.

• Integrity – This individual shows integrity daily by being upfront and honest with each team member and each guest. In some situations it can be hard such as in the case of being over sold but he does this and actually gains the guests respect for first being honest and secondly by just by taking care of the situation.

• Service – Multiple guest comments come in about how great Ricky is. Such as “Very Friendly”, “We wanted to find a great local restaurant and Ricky was able to not only give us a name of a location but directions”, Ricky is always polite and ready to check me in when I arrive”.

• Grit – The hotel is always changing with new and returning guests, polices, team members, brand standards and management changes but always stays the course no matter what is going on.

• Respect – He always treats each team member and guest with respect no matter what may be happening in the individual’s life. Sometimes you get guests that come into the hotel that had a bad flight or rough day and they can be rude and mean but Ricky still keeps a smile on his face and keeps a professional image.

• Empowerment – In the absence of the General Manager Ricky understands that he is empowered to make any decision that will help leave our guests with an enjoyable stay.

• Ambition – This is one person that is ready to learn as he wants to take on new and additional tasks. We are currently in the process of adding administrative task to him as he wants to learn and grow at the hotel and with our company.

• Teamwork – Always willing to cover a shift or switch a shift with a team member that has something going on. He is willing to pick up or cover in any department including breakfast, night audit, morning desk or evening desk shift to make sure our guests and our team are taking care of.