Jeremy Arntz

jeremy-2Jeremy ArntzGuest Service Representative 

Courtyard Stow

Nominated by Cathy Piechowski (GM)

I’m proud to announce that our Values Champion Winner for Quarter 2 is: Jeremy Arntz – Guest Service Representative! Jeremy came to us recently from the Residence Inn in Canton. We are so blessed to have him part of our team. Since he’s started a week doesn’t go by without seeing his name on either a comment card, GSS survey or just recently a past guest called specifically to tell me what a wonderful impression Jeremy left on him and his family while staying with us. The guest was towing some mountain bikes on a trailer and asked Jeremy if they would be safe in our parking lot, Jeremy told the guest that “our lot is safe and the Stow police patrols our lot periodically but if you really want a good night’s rest and peace of mind we’d be happy to lock the bikes up in our meeting room for the night” which is what the guest did. Jeremy is loved and respected by all his co-workers and has that special ability to personalize and add humor to all his guest interactions. He has this magically ability with his infectious laugh, smile and hospitality skills to make guests and co-workers tell him their life story. He must have been a therapist in a past life. He can give you short bio of each one of our regular guests. With-in Jeremy’s first month here Jeremy was the one who “checked-in” our BSA auditor and scored 100%!! As far as picking which core values Jeremy demonstrates… I’d have to say all of them! He’s a true asset to Schulte and this industry and I look forward to seeing him move up in this company.