Irma Medina

irma_medina_q2_shg_vcIrma Medina - Housekeeping Supervisor

Residence Inn Wichita

Nominated by Melissa Nix (GM)

Irma Medina and Rafaela Torres share the responsibilities of Executive Housekeepers/Housekeeping Supervisors at the Residence Inn Wichita. It’s hard to separate the two, and so they are being nominated together for Employees of the Quarter. They are dedicated, hard-working and indispensable to our team, as individuals, but put them together and they are a force to be reckoned with! They own their department and demonstrate TEAMWORK and GRIT on a daily basis. They each have worked at the hotel the second and third longest of our team members, with over 9 years each! When Residence Inn talks about being a family, they help make it feel like one, and they help live and demonstrate our core values every day, because one of them is here every day! When you call one on the radio, the other might answer!!! They have kept us on track through a challenging year, despite team turnover and personal issues, and our cleanliness and service scores only continue to rise, all the while keeping their MPOR within budget!