Gabbie Raza

img_2240_2Gabbie Raza – Front Office Supervisor

Embassy Suites Dallas Market Center

Nominated by Bret Urbine (GM)

In early June, the hotel key system went down and was down for 6 days. The hotel occupancy was in the 90’s during this period and needless to say, a stressful time. Gabbie stepped up and showed what a leader and team player she is during this time. Gabbie made sure that all of the guests got into their rooms as quickly as she could by making sure an associate was on the floor before the guests got to their rooms. She apologized to each guest for the inconvenience that they experienced. Service–Gabbie made sure that each guest was taken care of and satisfied the best she could. She made sure all of the HHonors members especially our Gold and Diamond members were taken care of each night. Empowerment–Gabbie handled each complaint with a smile and with the Make It Right attitude. If needed, she adjusted a guest bill, awarded HHonors points or offered a discount for food in the restaurant. Teamwork–Gabbie stayed late each night not only to make sure the front office work was done, but to also make sure that all of the guests were in their rooms and satisfied. She rallied the front office team each night through this tough time and thanked associates throughout the each evening. Grit–Now what you just read is GRIT!!! Gabbie worked through challenging times, this major setback and did it professionally with a smile :)