New Hire Check-In

Welcome to Schulte Hospitality Group!

Here you will find everything you need as a new associate. Follow the checklist below to complete different forms of registration for items like benefits, payroll (ADP), associate handbook, and more! Remember to complete ALL FORMS to ensure a smooth transition to your new Schulte career.


1. Register your ADP Account

After being hired, you will receive an email containing registration information to set up your ADP account. There you can access your personal information, pay stubs, tax information, PTO (if eligible,) and much more. The list of pre-hire documents (located on the ADP homepage) must be read and electronically signed within the first two days of being hired. 

Download the ADP Mobile APP

With the ADP mobile app, you can access everything ADP has to offer on the go right on your mobile phone.


2. Learn More About Schulte Hospitality Group

Schulte Hospitality’s culture is special and deeply rooted in family-oriented values. Become familiar with all aspects of Schulte Hospitality Group. Be sure to visit regularly and follow Schulte Hospitality Group on Facebook to for news, updates, and employee/hotel recognition.


 3. Review the Schulte Associate Handbook

Become familiar with all of Schulte Hospitality’s procedures and polices provided in our Company Handbook. You can find everything you need inside your associate handbook. It is important that you take the time to read and understand all aspects of the handbook.

Download Associate Handbook (English) Here!

Download Associate Handbook (Español) Here!


4. Review Your Benefits (if eligible)

After 30 days, you may become eligible to enroll into Schulte’s benefits program if you work 30+ hours per week. If you are eligible, consult your manager for the benefits guide to review your options and decide which package is best for you and your family. For more information about your benefits, visit the “benefits” page located under the “HR” tab on

Click the link below for the benefits guide that pertains to you. 

2016 SHG Benefits Guide – Salaried Executive Level I

2016 SHG Benefits Guide – Salaried Executive Level II

2016 SHG Benefits Guide – Hourly Associate

2016 SHG Benefits Guide – Hourly Associate SPANISH-2