Amy Rizzo-2015 Q4 Values Champion

Pictured between Schulte’s President/CFO – Kevin Gallagher and our Executive Vice President – Martin Hanson, Amy Rizzo is Schulte’s Q4 Corporate Office Values Champion award recipient.

Amy began her employment with Schulte in March of last year as a Corporate Administrative Assistant. Her various contributions and initiative to take on new challenges and tasks were immediately felt.  Three and a half short months later, Amy was promoted to Risk Management Coordinator and has been instrumental in administering the Company’s workers’ comp and risk management programs, including the development of new manager training pertaining to Schulte’s risk management processes. Because of Amy’s excellence in Service, Grit, Empowerment and Ambition – values that our core to our Vision and Mission, Amy was selected as Schulte’s Q4 Corporate Values Champion. Please join us in congratulating Amy on a job well done!