ADP Update

So, how do you set up your ADP account to access your paystub?

  • Register with ADP to establish your account… instructions attached above.
  • Also, I recommend downloading the ADP mobile app to your smart phone, so you can access your paystub and, eventually, your W-2 on the go.

From Your Computer

Once registered, login to ADP and follow these simple steps…

  1. On the home page menu bar, hover your mouse over Myself.
  2. Click on Pay Statements under the Money header.
  3. You will see your gross check amount displayed.
  4. By clicking on the check, you will see you will see the net amount of your check displayed.

From Your Smart Phone

Once you’ve registered your ADP account and downloaded the ADP Mobile app to your phone…

  1. Tap on the ADP Mobile app.
  2. Login into ADP using your login and password.
  3. Tap Pay to see the pay date, net amount and gross amount of your pay.
  4. Tap on the pay date to access specific pay period or YTD earnings, deductions and direct deposit information.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and tap View Pay Statement to access your personal detailed Pay Statement.


Click here for ADP Registration How To video

Click here for ADP User Registration Poster 

Click here for ADP Homepage

Watch the ADP introduction here: